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Case Studies


These case studies have been created to assist Occupational Therapists and Healthcare Professionals in identifying which solutions are suitable for commonly occurring safe patient handling scenarios.

Case Study 1

Mr Jones, 60, has a history of falls and is returning home to his wife after a period of rehabilitation.

This Case Study shows how Mr and Mrs Jones, together with their Occupational Therapist, find a solution that helps them remain at home, reduces the reliance on carers and allows them to carry out daily occupations safely and independently.

Case Study 2

This Case Study focuses on a holistic assessment using the PEO model, taking into account the wider ‘quality of life’ needs of an elderly couple.


The Case Study demonstrates how Mr and Mrs Evans can remain at home with a package of equipment and care that meets their need to retain an active social role amongst their large family.

Case Study 3

This Case Study focuses on the needs review of a family. Jack is a young man who has significant physical and cognitive impairment. His needs, and the needs of his family have recently changed.


To address these changes, his Occupational Therapist works with the family to implement a ceiling track system, which not only increases safety and reduces the risk of injury to Jack’s family, but also meets the psychological needs of Jack.

Case Study 4

Focusing on Safe Patient Handling in Residential Care, this case study using the TILE risk assessment model. 


Using an emphasis on protecting care staff from injury, whilst retaining residents functional ability, this Case Study highlights the assessment process for implementing a powered stand assist lifter into a Care Home setting.

Case Study 5

This Case Study explores the personal hygiene challenges faced by an individual that has curvature of the spine.

It explores how the use of an Aquatec Ocean shower chair commode, and its extensive range of accessories, helped to promote comfort, care and support for the individual.

Soft Tilt Case Studies

These case studies demonstrate how the Invacare Soft Tilt 'in-bed' system has improved the working environment for care staff, as well as enhancing both patient comfort and quality of life.

Invacare Safe Patient Handling

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