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Invacare® Ceiling Hoists

Ceiling hoists and ceiling track systems are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to mobile hoists, and are an ideal solution for when longer term transfer needs are required.


Invacare's EC Track ceiling system is well styled and unobtrusive allowing it to fit seamlessly into Community, Residential and Acute Care settings. Coupled with the Invacare Robin ceiling hoist, the system offers a discreet and convenient solution and can in most cases be operated by a single carer*

*A full and thorough risk assessment must be carried out prior to the use of any moving and handing equipment with a single carer.

Invacare Robin Ceiling Hoist

Developed with a particular emphasis on communication, comfort and safety, the Invacare Robin® ceiling hoist provides an innovative method of transfer.

The only ceiling hoist available that has 'Dual Strap' technology without a spreader bar, the Invacare Robin offers a comfortable and safe transfer allowing continual eye contact between client and carer.

Invacare EC Track

The Invacare EC TrackTM ceiling track system completes the versatility of the Invacare Robin® ceiling hoist. To accommodate various transfers needs, the ceiling track is available in a wide range of options for different kinds of environments and installations. This versatility allows installation of ceiling track systems from simple single track format through to complex configurations.

With a discreet, modern design, the Invacare EC Track is also available in portable Gantry or Gantry Traverse options.

Invacare Safe Patient Handling

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