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Invacare® Slings

Invacare's range of slings provide safe and comfortable transfer solutions for many types of physical disabilities. 

Our selection of high quality slings has been developed with the collaboration of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, to ensure optimal fit and support for the client, along with ease of application for the carer.

Popular slings within Invacare's range include:

Universal Standard Sling

Supports the whole body, including the shoulders, and should only be used for those who have good head control.

Universal High Sling

Supports the whole body and the head giving the client a comfortable and slightly reclined position.

Stand Assist Sling

Offers a comfortable and safe transfer for clients who have some weight bearing ability, but cannot stand independently.

Comfort Sling

Supports who the whole body and is ideally suited to those with chronic pain or above-knee amputees.

Easy Fit Sling

Supports the whole body and the head, the sling is suited for clients with the most challenging physical disabilities.

Transfer Stand Assist

Suitable for those with good body and head control who are able to grip the lift boom.

Invacare Safe Patient Handling

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