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An appropriate electric profiling bed can promote independent living, protect family and carers from strain as well as provide support and protection for those with complex needs.
Invacare’s extensive selection of electric profiling Community and Residential care beds offer a wide choice of specifications, options and accessories, to allow the perfect bed to be tailored to the level of need.

Invacare ScanBeta NG Paediatric Bed

The Invacare ScanBetaNG is a safe and configurable bed that changes with needs of a child.


Tested to the Nordic Requirement Specifications, the ScanBetaNG is available in two mattress platform sizes and has been designed according to anthropometric measurements to ensure that it is perfect for children from 3 to 12 years old.


Available in several configurations, the paediatric bed represents a highly cost effective and safe solution for child care.


Invacare Medley Ergo Range

The Invacare Medley Ergo range offers the perfect balance between economy and quality.

The four-sectioned, height adjustable, electric profiling mattress support provides an ideal position for the carer whilst ensuring comfort for the client.

Available in either a standard or low height model, the Invacare Medley Ergo also comes in a stylish Select model.

Invacare Etude Plus Range

With it's attractive aesthetics, flexible design and easy handling, the Invacare Etude Plus range is ideal for Community and Residential care.

All the hallmarks of a good quality care bed, such as safety, comfort and durability, are very much present in this range.

The range is available in either standard or low height models.

Invacare SB 755 Range

Combining comfort, high functionality and safety, the Invacare SB 755 range is ideal for Community and Residential care environments.

The Invacare SB 755 range offers optimal comfort for clients through an ideal seating position that helps to minimise shear and friction, whilst carers can electronically adjust the height and profiling of the bed to meet individual user requirements.

The range is available in two different colours as well as standard, wide and detachable models.

Invacare Octave

With a safe working load up to 60 Stone (385kg), the Invacare Octave is a robust yet stylish electric profiling bed solution that assists in the care and comfort of bariatric clients.

Equipped with a fully electrical, four-section profiling mattress support as standard, the Invacare Octave provides optimal comfort and support to the client, as well as an ideal working environment for the carer.

Invacare Safe Patient Handling

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