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Product Showcase

An in-depth look at an exciting product within Invacare's range of Safe Patient Handling solutions

Invacare Birdie Evo

The Invacare Birdie Evo mobile hoist has been designed to offer a high feature-set of options that have been blended with new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when lifting or transferring a patient to or from a bed, chair or even the floor.

Based on the renowned Birdie range, the Birdie Evo represents an evolution in lifting and has been customer insight led, encompassing everything that was valued on the Birdie whilst bringing in new features to further enhance the client and carer experience.


The Birdie Evo consists of Standard (180kg SWL) and Compact (150kg SWL) models to accomodate for a wide range of lifting transfers and environments.

The Birdie Evo mobile hoist range has several features that have been designed with clients and carers in mind.


The distinct curved design of the boom and spreader bar allows carers to maintain eye contact with clients throughout a transfer, whilst the user-friendly hook design allows slings to be securely attached with one hand.


The ergonomic design of the push bar makes handling and manoeuvring easier and is complimeneted by the curved leg design that enables easy movement around objects.

Aquatec Ocean Ergo

The Aquatec Ocean Ergo shower chair commodes have been designed with user comfort, independence and dignity in mind.


Based on the well-established Aquatec Ocean range, the Ocean Ergo comes packed with a range of new features that help to make personal care activities easier for both the user and carer.

The Ocean Ergo range consists of transit and self-propel models in both standard and XL sizes. These feature-rich shower chair commodes will complement the modularity and versatility of the existing tilt-in-space models within the Aquatec range.


The modular design of the Ocean Ergo means that the chairs can be adapted to suit a wide range of user needs by making some simple adjustments, or by adding some of our easy to fit, off-the-shelf accessories.


Inspired by user experience, the Ocean Ergo features a newly contoured seat surface that has been developed to encourage a more upright and stable seating position, promoting independence and overall comfort.


Enhanced stability at the front of the base allows for a smaller footprint and offers users added safety and reassurance when seated in the chair. Furthermore, the optimised wheelbase makes it even easier for a carer to manoeuvre the chair in small spaces as well as allowing for a better fit over standard toilets.

Invacare SoftTilt

The Invacare Soft Tilt is a unique and innovative 'in-bed' system designed to automatically reposition patients for pressure ulcer prevention.


The Soft Tilt is ideal to support care staff and families with daily moving and handling tasks, such as sling application and transfers into and out of bed.

The Soft Tilt can be easily installed on to the Invacare SB 755 mattress platform and will work in conjunction with the beds existing profiling movements and mattress to deliver automated pressure relief and enhanced patient comfort.


The 'in-bed' system can be programmed to automatically turn patients at various intervals and angles throughout the night; relieving pressure and preventing the development of pressure ulcers. When operating automatically, the wings will never elevate higher than 30° to ensure optimal safety and comfort whilst the patient is sleeping.


The Soft Tilt can be operated manually by a carer, making it ideal for moving and handling within single carer working environments.


The easy to use hand control allows the carer to elevate the wings to up to 60°, giving full access for sling application, glide sheets and personal care. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with the beds profiling movements, the Soft Tilt allows the carer to safely transfer the patient in and out of bed - into a standing position - with minimal effort, protecting the carer from potential back injury.

The Invacare Soft Tilt helps to deliver enchanged patient and carer comfort. Thanks to the silent, gentle andautomated movements of the Soft Tilt, patients can enjoy a more peaceful, undisturbed sleep.


Moreover, carers benefit from a more comfortable working environment and avoid the risk of back injury, normally caused when moving and handling.

Invacare Safe Patient Handling

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